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Current Issue Table of Contents: 1 February 2019 Volume 35, Issue 1

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Journal Citation Reports :Q2

About the Cover

The autonomic nervous system integrates the involuntary physiological activities of visceral organs that are vital for survival, controlling the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, gastrointestinal contraction and secretion, and electrolyte and fluid homeostasis. In this special issue, a number of articles address the underlying neural mechanisms and significance of autonomic dysfunction in the pathogenesis of diseases and provide potential interventions. Yang et al. found that decreased β-cell function is closely associated with the presence of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy in newly-diagnosed type 2 diabetic patients. The cover image shows the close association between β-cell function and cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy. See pages 25–33. (Cover image provided by Dr. Xubin Yang)

Shumin Duan

Ru-Rong Ji

Editorial Board

Special Issue: Regulation of Autonomic Nervous System
Guest Editor: Qing-Hui Chen
2019 Vol 35 Issue 1

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Special Issue:Disorder of Consciousness: From Bench to Bedside
Guest Editor: Tianzi Jiang
2018 Vol 34 Issue 4

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Special Issue:Pain and Itch
Guest Editor: Ru-Rong Ji
2018 Vol 34 Issue 1

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Special Issue:Biomarker Discovery in Parkinson’s Disease
Guest Editor: Weidong Le
2017 Vol 33 Issue 5

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Special Issue:Autism Spectrum Disorder
Guest Editor: Xiang Yu• Zilong Qiu• Dai Zhang
2017 Vol 33 Issue 2

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