Research Higilights

Early Intervention in Alzheimer’s Disease: How Early is Early Enough?
Dong-Yu Fan • Yan-Jiang Wang [SpringerLink]

Cardiopulmonary Comorbidity, Radiomics and Machine Learning, and Therapeutic Regimens for a Cerebral fMRI Predictor Study in Psychotic Disorders

Adult Neural Stem Cells: Constant Extension from Embryonic Ancestors
Yuqun Cai • Zhengang Yang [SpringerLink]

Plasma Replacement Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease
Xu-long Ding • Peng Lei [SpringerLink]

The Secret of Fear Memory Attenuation: Facing Fears

Is Alzheimer’s Disease Transmissible in Humans?
Xian-Le Bu• Wei-Wei Li • Yan-Jiang Wang [SpringerLink]

A Novel Prognostic Approach to Predict Recovery in Patients with Chronic Disorders of Consciousness

MicroRNA21 Meets Neuronal TLR8: Non-canonical Functions of MicroRNA in Neuropathic Pain

Paraventricular Thalamus as A Major Thalamic Structure for Wake Control

More than Scratching the Surface: Recent Progress in Brain Mechanisms Underlying Itch and Scratch
Xu Liu • Xiu-Hua Miao• Tong Liu [SpringerLink]

Toll of Mental Disorders: TLR-Mediated Function of the Innate Immune System

Duplicate preconditioning with sevoflurane in vitro improves neuropro-tection in rat brain via activating the extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase
Sheng WANG, Zhi-Gang DAI, Xi-Wei DONG, Su-Xiang GUO, Yang LIU, Zhi-Ping WANG, Yin-Ming ZENG [SpringerLink]