Research Higilights

Apolipoprotein E Drives Early Blood–Brain Barrier Damage in Alzheimer’s Disease
Qianqian Zhang • Chunming Xie [SpringerLink]

Brain Macrophages: Close or Distant Relatives?
Kelei Cao • Yaling Hu• Zhihua Gao [SpringerLink]

SCGN-regulated Stage-wise SNARE Assembly: Novel Insight into Synaptic Exocytosis
Ying Lv• Sunmin Xiang• Renxian Cao• Li Wu • Jing Yang [SpringerLink]

Reversion of Injured Adult Neurons to an Embryonic State by Grafts of Neural Progenitor Cells After Spinal Cord Injury
Liying Cao• Yongjie Wang• Zhihui Huang [SpringerLink]

Axonal Iron Transport might Contribute to Iron Deposition in Parkinson’s Disease
Leilei Chen• Chong Li • Junxia Xie [SpringerLink]

A Novel Potassium Nanosensor Powers up the Detection of Extracellular K+ Dynamics in Neuroscience
Ying Wang • Qingyu Wang • Xia Zhang [SpringerLink]

Cortical Astrocyte-neuronal Metabolic Coupling Emerges as a Critical Modulator of Stress-induced Hopelessness
Giannina Descalzi [SpringerLink]

New Insights into the Dysfunctions of Pericytes and Neurovascular Units in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Qiang Liu • Wei-Jye Lin • Yamei Tang 1 [SpringerLink]

Neuronal and Non-neuronal Cell Types Displaying Circadian Rhythmicity in the Mammalian Suprachiasmatic Nucleus
S. K. Tahajjul Taufique • Han Wang [SpringerLink]

New Progress on Binocular Disparity in Higher Visual Areas Beyond V1

Adding Fuel to the Fire by Increased GABAergic Inhibition: A Seizure-Amplifying Nigra-Parafascicular Pathway
Yeping Ruan • Rongrong Chen • Jie Yu• Chengping Wen • Zhenghao Xu [SpringerLink]

‘‘Transient’’ or ‘‘Persistent’’ Coding for Working Memory