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 The periaqueductal gray (PAG) is a mesencephalic brain structure involved in the integration and execution of active and passive self-protective behaviors against imminent threats. The PAG sends and receives projections to and from nuclei linked to drug addiction including the: (1) ventral tegmental area, (2) extended amygdala, (3) medial prefrontal cortex, (4) pontine nucleus, (5) bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, and (6) hypothalamus. Marichal-Cancino and Vázquez-Leon et al. discuss the key role of the PAG in drug addiction phenomena. In the cover image, a young person with marijuana craving seems confused while experiencing autonomic disturbances, desire for substances intake, and emotional alterations due to the complex neuronal circuits in which the PAG is importantly involved. See pages 1493–1509. (Cover art by Andrea Loza Hurtado and Jaime Hendrik Esparza Badillo).

Shumin Duan

Ru-Rong Ji

Editorial Board


Peripheral Delivery of Ganglioside GM1 Exacerbates the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease in a Mouse Model
Chuang-Chuang Yang1 • Yuan Cheng1 • Hai-Mei Yang1 • Yang Chen1 • Yan-Jiang Wang1 • Zhi-Qiang Xu1 • Ye-Ran Wang1 [SpringerLink]

Simvastatin Blocks Reinstatement of Cocaine-induced Conditioned Place Preference in Male Mice with Brain Lipidome Remodeling
Wei Xu1,2,3 • Yuman He1 • Jiamei Zhang1 • Hongchun Li1 • Xuemei Wan1 • Menglu Li1 • Yonghai Wang4 • Rui Xu1 • Haoluo Zhang1 • Yanping Dai1 • Haxiaoyu Liu4 • Linhong Jiang1 • Ying Zhao1 • Xiaobo Cen1 [SpringerLink]

Association of Increased Amygdala Activity with Stress-Induced Anxiety but not Social Avoidance Behavior in Mice
Shou-He Huang1 • Wei-Zhu Liu1 • Xia Qin1 • Chen-Yi Guo1 • Qing-Cheng Xiong1 • Yu Wang1 • Ping Hu2 • Bing-Xing Pan1 • Wen-Hua Zhang [SpringerLink]

Genetic Prion Disease: Insight from the Features and Experience of China National Surveillance for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Qi Shi1,4 • Cao Chen1,3 • Kang Xiao1 • Wei Zhou1 • Li-Ping Gao1 • Dong-Dong Chen1 • Yue-Zhang Wu1 • Yuan Wang1 • Chao Hu1 • Chen Gao1 • Xiao-Ping Dong1,2,3,4 [SpringerLink]

Dlg1 Knockout Inhibits Microglial Activation and Alleviates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Depression-Like Behavior in Mice
Zhixin Peng1,2 • Xiaoheng Li2 • Jun Li3 • Yuan Dong4 • Yuhao Gao2 • Yajin Liao5 • Meichen Yan5 • Zengqiang Yuan1,2,5 • Jinbo Cheng5 [SpringerLink]

Modulation of Predator Cue-Evoked Tonic Immobility by Acetylcholine Released in the Basolateral Complex of the Amygdala
Nan Liu1,2 • Kang Huang1,2 • Pengfei Wei1,2 • Xiaolei Liu1 • Liping Wang1,2 [SpringerLink]

An Evolved Human-specific Epigenetic Mechanism for Cortical Expansion and Gyrification
Dan Li1 • Yunli Xie1 [SpringerLink]

A Frameshift Variant in the SEMA6B Gene Causes Global Developmental Delay and Febrile Seizures
Li Shu1,2,3 • Yuchen Xu4 • Qi Tian1 • Yuanyuan Chen5 • Yaqin Wang6 • Hui Xi1 • Hua Wang1,2 • Neng Xiao7 • Xiao Mao1,2 [SpringerLink]


A Novel Phagocytic Role of Astrocytes in Activity-dependent Elimination of Mature Excitatory Synapses
Tong Luo • Tian-Ming Gao [SpringerLink]

A Temporal Precision Approach for Deep Transcranial Optogenetics with Non-invasive Surgery
Shanshan Sun • Jiali Shi • Yongjie Wang • Jun Cheng • Zhihui Huang [SpringerLink]

Heteromolecular Plasticity in Striatal Astrocytes
Yi-Hua Chen • Tian-Ming Gao [SpringerLink]

Naturally Occurring Parkinson’s Disease Raises the Need for Nonhuman Primates in Neurodegenerative Diseases Research
Yuxuan Yao • Ji Dai [SpringerLink]

Activated Natural Killer Cells Hit Neurogenesis in the Aging Brain
Angelica Cuapio • Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren [SpringerLink]

STING-ing Pain: How Can Pro-inflammatory Signaling Attenuate Pain?
Wolfgang Liedtke [SpringerLink]

The Parabrachial Nucleus as a Key Regulator of Neuropathic Pain
Zilong Wang • Zhen-Zhong Xu [SpringerLink]

Combination of Biomedical Techniques and Paradigms to Improve Prognostications for Disorders of Consciousness
Ming Song • Jianghong He • Yi Yang • Tianzi Jiang [SpringerLink]

Autologous Transplantation for Parkinson's Disease Patients: Feasibility and Challenge
Qi Zhang • Yanlin Wang • Yukai Wang • Han Liu • Huifang Sun • Zhuoya Wang • Changhe Shi • Jing Yang • Yuming Xu [SpringerLink]

Breakthrough in Structural and Functional Dissection of the Hypothalamo-Neurohypophysial System
Ying Wang • Huamin Xu • Xia Zhang [SpringerLink]

Top-down Modulation of Outcome Processing in Primary Sensory Cortex for Flexible Behavior
Qi Cheng • Chengyu T. Li [SpringerLink]

Brain Energy Improvement as an Emerging Approach for Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment
Xiaoli Pan • Shaoming Sang • Chunjiu Zhong [SpringerLink]


The Risk and Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Infections Among Inpatients in Psychiatric Hospitals
Yuncheng Zhu • Liangliang Chen • Haifeng Ji • Maomao Xi • Yiru Fang • Yi Li [SpringerLink]

Expert Consensus on the Care and Management of Patients with Cognitive Impairment in China
Academy of Cognitive Disorders of China (ACDC) • Yuliang Han • Jianjun Jia • Xia Li • Yang Lv • Xuan Sun • Shanshan Wang • Yongjun Wang • Zhiwen Wang • Jintao Zhang • Jiong Zhou & Yuying Zhou [SpringerLink]

An Overview of the Expert Consensus on the Prevention and Treatment of Gaming Disorder in China (2019 Edition)
Yu-Tao Xiang • Yu Jin • Ling Zhang • Lu Li • Gabor S. Ungvari • Chee H. Ng • Min Zhao & Wei Hao [SpringerLink]

Perspective on Etiology and Treatment of Bipolar Disorders in China: Clinical Implications and Future Directions
Zuowei Wang • Chen Jun • Keming Gao • Haichen Yang • Yiru Fang [SpringerLink]

Standardized Operational Protocol for Human Brain Banking in China
Wenying Qiu • Hanlin Zhang • Aimin Bao • Keqing Zhu • Yue Huang • Xiaoxin Yan • Jing Zhang • Chunjiu Zhong • Yong Shen • Jiangning Zhou • Xiaoying Zheng • Liwei Zhang • Yousheng Shu • Beisha Tang • Zhenxin Zhang • Gang Wang • Ren Zhou • Bing Sun • Changlin Gong • Shumin Duan & Chao Ma [SpringerLink]

Impaired Hypothalamic Regulation of Sympathetic Outflow in Primary Hypertension
Jing-Jing Zhou • Hui-Jie Ma • Jian-Ying Shao • Hui-Lin Pan • De-Pei Li [SpringerLink]

The Risk and Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Infections Among Inpatients in Psychiatric Hospitals
Yuncheng Zhu 1 • Liangliang Chen 2 • Haifeng Ji 2 • Maomao Xi 3 • Yiru Fang 1,5,6 • Yi Li 4 [SpringerLink]

An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Heterogeneity and Treatment Options OPEN ACCESS
Anne Masi1 • Marilena M. DeMayo1 • Nicholas Glozier1 • Adam J. Guastella1 [SpringerLink]

Pharmacological Modulation of Vagal Nerve Activity in Cardiovascular Diseases
Longzhu Liu • Ming Zhao • Xiaojiang Yu • Weijin Zang* [SpringerLink]

Gene Editing to the Rescue: Reversal of Social Deficits Associated with MECP2 Duplication
Zi-Xian Yu 1,2,3 • Dan-Yang Wang 1,2,3 • Xiao-Hong Xu 1,3 [SpringerLink]

Regulation of Pain and Itch by TRP Channels
Carlene Moore1 • Rupali Gupta1 • Sven-Eric Jordt2 • Yong Chen1,* • Wolfgang B. Liedtke1,2,* [SpringerLink]

Spinal Circuits Transmitting Mechanical Pain and Itch
Bo Duan1,* • Longzhen Cheng2,* • Qiufu Ma3,* [SpringerLink]


Special Issue: Purinergic Signaling in the Central Nervous System in Health and Disease
Guest Editor: Yong Tang, Peter Illes, and Guang-Yin Xu
2020 Vol 36 Issue 11

[PDF] [SpringerLink]

Special Issue:Bipolar Disorders
Guest Editor:Yiru Fang
2019 Vol 35 Issue 4

[PDF] [SpringerLink]

Special Issue: Neurotechniques
Guest Editor: Guo-Qiang Bi
2019 Vol 35 Issue 3

[PDF] [SpringerLink]

Special Issue:Human Brain Bank: Construction and Research
Guest Editor: Chao Ma and Dick F. Swaab
2019 Vol 35 Issue 2

[PDF] [SpringerLink]

Special Issue: Regulation of Autonomic Nervous System
Guest Editor: Qing-Hui Chen
2019 Vol 35 Issue 1

[PDF] [SpringerLink]